The Downtown Development Authority of the City of Tifton (DDA),is a public/private Authority structured to focus on development in downtown Tifton. The Authority’s mission includes the “revitalization and redevelopment of the central downtown business district of the city; to develop and promote for the public good and general welfare, trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities and to promote the general welfare of the State of Georgia.”

A seven-member board, appointed by the city, serves the DDA; meetings are held at 12:00 noon on the third Tuesday of each month at the Downtown Welcome Station.

Director: Lequrica Gaskins, 229.391.3977, [email protected]

Tifton-Tift County Main Street Program is always looking for an opportunity to network with other organizations, governmental entities, cultural and commercial arenas. We understand that a friendly open door networking relationship is a key component of our Main Street program. Thus, Tifton is proud of a community that recognizes the importance of an active and thriving Central Business District that encourages the development of new businesses. The downtown Tifton business caliber includes a variety of commerce that ranges from the professional (attorney firms, and accountants), to retail (independently owned department stores, boutiques, antique stores, etc.) to the publicly funded (public library, arts museum, performing arts center, and more). The downtown healthy business mixture ensures the development of residential and governmental opportunities. Downtown Tifton currently have apartments located on second or third floor spaces, thus assuring twenty-four hour occupancy of the district. Restaurants and other entertainment options are located in Downtown Tifton.

Board Members:

Mayor J. G. “Jamie” Cater, Chairman, 229.391.3886, [email protected]
John Lowe, 229.382.6007,  [email protected]
Harold Chambers, 229.546.4094, [email protected]
William Byrd,  392-3330 [email protected]
Jack Stone, 229.382.5767
Dr. Steve Rigdon, 229.391.4100
Mary Glynn Hendricks, 229.382.3683, [email protected]


Larry Riner, City Manager
Lequrica Gaskins, Economic Development Director
Hal Harper, Jr., DDA CPA
Fred Rigdon, DDA Attorney